Seafood products

Hello, I sell fresh and vacuum-packed seafood products. I receive orders until Friday 1 PM and delivery will be at home on Saturday morning. In addition to this I have a super 2X1 promotion that you will love.

Here I leave the list of the products available. The promotion is a pound of salmon and a pound of guaju fish (loin) comes from artisanal fishing $16.

clam case $2.40
seafood mix $3.80
tilapia $4.50
medium shrimp $4.50
large shrimp $5.50
rock sea nada $5
snapper $5
octopus $8.50
salmon $10.50
red tuna $11
craw claw $15 / $20 unidades

Delivery $1.50
And with all biosecurity measures. Happy day.

June 5 from 8 to 10 AM, Cuenca

Sofia Molina: 099 556 5720
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