Satisfied client recommends us

Here’s a quote from a satisfied client of Edvi Limpieza Total:

“If you are looking for a cleaning company that does a stellar job without the hassle of paying the SRI taxes, you should give Edgar a call.”

Need we say more? Do we need to detail everything that is required to leave your home spotless point by point? I don’t think so. Suffice it to say that we have many recommendations on GringoPost and elsewhere.

We are a registered business not only with SRI (we pay our own taxes) but also on GringoPost. We offer cleaning services for home, office, garden, yard, car – anything that needs cleaning. We disinfect bathrooms; take the grease out of kitchens; clean curtains, carpets, and furniture. We can also fumigate if needed. We do maintenance when requested.

When you contact us, we will set an appointment to review your needs and give you an estimate for the work. Our crew of 3 family members (one speaks English) will come to do the job. When we have completed our work, we will give you a factura with your information and the price clearly stated so that you have a record of who came and worked for you and also how much you spent. Our identification information is on the factura.

We use the factura to report our income to the SRI and pay our own taxes because we are a legally registered small business. We have several recommendations on GringoPost. We bring our own equipment in our own vehicle for the job you require and we arrive promptly. We do not set up contracts – thus you are not required to comply with the laws about paying your employee benefits. We are not your employees, so we do not get this kind of benefits. We are native Ecuadorians and have been working in Cuenca for 15 years.

Contact me, Edgar, at Edvi Limpieza Total, for your cleaning needs.

Vía al Valle barrio el Coco, Cuenca. By Appointment

Edgar Viscaino: 099 382 0014 WhatsApp + 593 99 382 0014
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