Saraguro Inti Raymi 2021

Saraguro Inti Raymi

Hope you can join us for this amazing Ancestral Celebration…

We will be visiting 3 communities, Tuncarta, Ñamarin and Illincho and learning how the Saraguro hats are made from lambs wool, also textiles and the highlight of our Inti Raymi a private Rejuvenating Ceremony with Taita Luis at Centro Cultural Inti Wasi.

Celebration of the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

Saturday 19th, Sunday 20th and Monday 21st of June, 2021.

We will be having Inti Raymi Trips the 3 days…plus for those who like an overnight stay option…to enjoy Baños de Cajón and relaxing massage.

Group size 8. All safety protocols followed.

The Inty Raymi Celebration is a symbol of the gratitude of the Andean cultures to our Paccha Mama (mother earth), for the goodness of having allowed a good production and harvest of traditional products, gratitude is celebrated with the presence of music and dance, concentrating more than a hundred indigenous groups. Collecting this millenary experience allows our ethnic roots to preserve all their splendor and color through the song and joy of the winds that rise from the green fields and golden wheat fields of this soil.

Includes: Transportation, guide, Native Saraguro guide Livia, trees for the communities, delicious lunch at Inti Wasi, Ceremony with Taita Luis.

WhatsApp # 099 524 6166

Cuenca, Ecuador

Martin Avila
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