Report: Emergency Food Aid during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Thanks to your solidarity the Cuenca Soup Kitchen, in partnership with Hearts of Gold and Snow Angels in Ecuador, has reached 833 families in the last 11 weeks. Each week over 85 families receive an emergency food kit with over 20 essential food, hygiene, and bio-safely products. 

The total amount raised to date: $16,966.87

Please see the attached image for exact distributions.

In addition…

The Pig Project

Thanks to a generous donation and the combined effort between Cuenca Soup Kitchen, Fundación Núr, Snow Angels Ecuador, and Hearts of Gold, we delivered 12,000 pounds of meat to 30 social organizations and rural communities. Over 750 families were beneficiaries of this initiative.

This initiative was accomplished thanks to the joint efforts of Hearts of Gold, NUR, the Cuenca Soup Kitchen, and Snow Angels in Ecuador.

Our doors are always open to discuss the financial operations at the Cuenca Soup Kitchen. Please contact us at

We hope that you will continue to support this lifesaving project.

To give in Ecuador (100% of your donation will go towards this crisis)
Hearts of Gold, Cuenta de ahorros JEP
Account number: 40607992870
RUC number: 0190395251002



Des Dizney, Bill O’Brien, and Smith

Directors Cuenca Soup Kitchen

City: Cuenca

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