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You know coffee is more than a hot drink. You care about how coffee is sourced, where it comes from and grown and that the people who cultivate the coffee beans are paid a fair wage for their work. And most importantly you know that roasting coffee and crafting it into an exceptional espresso drink is half science and half artistic passion if you know all of that then Diego Arevalo is your man and Slow Brew Coffee Cafe is your place.

Diego Arevalo, the proud proprietor of Slow Brew is a skilled and award-winning Barista. He takes coffee seriously from sourcing, storing and small batch roasting so he can meticulously craft the perfect coffee. He makes sure everything, every detail is addressed so you can be sure when he presents your coffee you will taste the best Ecuadorean coffee has to offer.

Diego makes all of the sweet options in-house from scones, cheese cakes, cookies and yes Coffee ice cream to his signature savory dishes including quiche, chicken pot pie and sandwiches all made in house. Slow Brew has it all and they are always cooking fresh offerings for you.

Take a walk, meet a friend, breathe some fresh air, sit outside and get some sun. Or if you are staying in WhatsApp Diego, they deliver.

You can have your beverage of choice coffee, tea or coffee beer. Take comfort in knowing that your coffee is grown and made in one of the best places on earth and that the people that serve you take pride in their work.

All bio security protocols are followed for your health and safety.

Please be safe out there and take the proper precautions.

Hours 10 AM to 8 PM
Monday through Friday

3:30 to 7:30 PM

Address: Aurelio Aguilar 1-93 between Solano and Federico Proaño

Contact information: 097 924 1720

Recommended by Doug Morgan:

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