Recommendation for Satisfy your Cuban Cravings, catering from a Cuban chef

One of my favorite specials is being offered today by chef Ori Pujol at Cuban Cravings. It’s a rice dish with shrimp, peas, carrots, green beans, young corn and roasted chicken wings.
It’s plenty for 2 people to share or for a single person to have for more than one meal. $10.

Today the soup is cream of fish made with white fish, potatoes, pumpkin, tomato puree, lemon and white wine. $6.

There are two ways to order. You can add Cuban Cravings to your phone. The number is 096 327 8937. Then install WhatsApp and text your order. Be sure you include your name, address with cross street and your phone number.

The second way to order is via the Facebook page. It is Cuban Cravings Cuenca. Here is the link.

Order this morning by 9 AM and no later than 10 AM for delivery today between noon-1 PM.

Address: Puerto Rico y Latinoamericano

Contact information: 096 327 8937

Recommended by Harper Spino:

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