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We decided this was our favorite pizza (Margherita is our go-to choice) in Cuenca before the quedate en casa. We have ordered for take out twice. Last week, on Mother’s Day, they were apparently swamped and our delivery was, unfortunately, cold and had ridden here sideways, and everything had slid off to the side. It was edible but kind of a mess. When I let Edgar know about the unfortunate circumstance, his response was to offer a free pizza sent to us whenever we wanted. A delicious fresh, hot, pizza Margherita arrived last night, he actually met me at the door himself and apologized again for the service and wished to keep our business. I told him he certainly did and that this was a wonderful way to recover the poor service, although we would not have asked. He and his staff have stayed open to serve the community through the lockdown and that shows commitment to survive and be a part of the community despite the restrictions. Of course they have a large menu, not just pizza, and Edgar publishes weekly specials on GP and Facebook (although you can order what you want. We feel that his food is authentic and as good as anything you can get in Italy, or in New York City. Please help to keep Edgar and his staff in business, as they are clean, dependable, and they work hard to keep their business even for loyal customers when they make a mistake.

Address: Calle Larga across from the Museum

Contact information: 097 998 1179

Recommended by Marshall and Nadine Devall:

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