Recommendation for Salumeria Vecchia Modena, Italian restaurant

We had our eyes on this establishment before but never made the trek from El Vergel. The walk up to Cañaris and then up to the restaurant was not that bad. It of course started to get cool and then rain, so by the time we got there, we were ready to get warm and dry. I had called ahead because there were several of us who walked in Parque De Paraiso before our meal. The hostess met me by name and seated us after hand cleanse and temperature check. We were also greeted by the owner, who is fluent in Italian and Spanish, excusing his English. One of our friends had her dog, and they were sorry to not be able to accommodate him (officially), but let him stay under the table at her feet (he is a great dog.), and said the next time we came, he would be welcomed to an area they were preparing). Wine, beer, juice, and water were brought out quickly. The menus were easily obtained online and huge! We were looking for our favorite, pizza Margherita, but others enjoyed pasta including lasagna, salad, and appetizers. Homemade bread and sauces were brought out first. Everything was homemade and tasted like the old country in Italy, and the wait staff was extremely attentive. I ordered a bottle of the house red, which was a 2016 Chianti and very good. Our friend with the dog bought a ball of fresh dough to make pizza tomorrow, and it was $2.50. We walked home in the cool, clear air, working off tummies filled with pasta made with love. The pizza Margherita here is on our top 2 list.

Thank you, Diego, for recommending this as your favorite place in town. We will definitely return.

Address: Paseo de Los Cañaris y Modesto Larrea, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 763 3506

Recommended by Marshall and Nadine Devall:

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