Recommendation for Roxana Moscoso – EcoMotion, e-mobility solutions

Roxana ( Roxi) and her staff at Ecomotion which provides sales/service for e-mobility…Scooters, E-Motos, etc.) is without a doubt one of the most customer friendly individuals I’ve met here in Cuenca that will ensure you are completely satisfied with all your inquiries and needs. I highly recommend if you’re looking for an alternative (other than a car) for getting around town to check out Ecomotion as they offer many options. Best of all, just getting to know Roxi and her business is informative as it is inspiring. What you should know is that the products are all tested, come with warranties and there are service maintenance intervals that come with your purchase. Give it a try if you’re thinking about a scooter or something to get you around town. It’s a very pleasant experience.


Contact information: 099 802 3741

Recommended by Jim Gridley:
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