Recommendation for Patricio, artist

We would like to recommend artist, Patricio, to the gringo community. We first met Patricio before the covid-19 at his store in the Artist Building next to the San Francisco Plaza. We commissioned him to do a painting of our cats. We loved it, and then had him do several more paintings. The painting of the cats (posted here) evolved from the photo seen in first of the two images.

He also has many paintings that he does on his own (non-commissioned), all for sale. At this time, he is painting in his home studio, (not sure if he is back at the plaza yet). They are priced between $150-$450. – many being quite large. He can bring to your home, and can virtually paint any photo that you may have. 

Also, he can send you his catalog on request by WhatsApp. (I have about 13 examples here I could share as well via WhatsApp. Some examples of his work are as follows:

The posted number below is also WhatsApp: 593 99 814 2271

Address: General Torres across from San Francisco Plaza, 2nd floor if he is back.

Contact information:  593 99 814 2271

Recommended by Bill Fox:

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