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We went back to take out Sunday dinner this week, and went to see our friends, Chinnu and Abin, right across from Parque de la Madra near the Tomebamba. We ordered from the extensive menu, which we always glance at, even though we usually make up our minds on the way! Today was Prawns Biryani, Paradise Chicken Masala, and we split a side of Manchurian Caulifower and Kerala Peratha bread. Chinnu and Abin are always so nice, and it was good to see them and catch up on the business and how the lockdown has been affecting them. We very much want to see their labor of love survive the pandemic and the affect it is going to have on the economy here. So if you have been ordering food in Cuenca, and you want something more than the usual fast food you may be getting, please treat yourselves to the love you will taste in every bite of Paradise offerings!

Address: Cuenca, across from Parque de la Madre on Federico Malo

Contact information:  098 462 8976

Recommended by Marshall and Nadine Devall:

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