Recommendation for Paradise Indian restaurant, Indian cuisine

Chinnu and Abin are back open for dining in, and continue take-out and delivery of the best Indian cuisine in the city. And not everyone’s cooking has love blended into the wonderful ingredients.

Spicy kick to order, this is hands down the best Indian food we have ever eaten, even if you never try anything else but the awesome Manchurian Cauliflower. We love to cook and prepare clean, healthy food, so when we eat out we want the same.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you will find plenty here, as well as beef, fish/shrimp, chicken, and lamb prepared in many different ways. And not to mention, the delicious naan and other delicious breads from southern India, as well as juices and teas. If you haven’t been in a while, please go and enjoy this delicious food prepared for dining in, then take an order home to enjoy for a late-night snack! Or if you’ve never been, please go on our recommendation, we promise that your taste buds will be totally delighted.

Address: Frederico Malo y Tadeo Torres, across from Parque de la Madre

Contact information: 098 462 8976

Recommended by Marshall and Nadine Devall:

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