Recommendation for Olger Avila

Translator, driver, carpenter, painter, plumber, facilitator

Olger was recommended to us by our friends here in Cuenca and what a blessing this man is.

No matter what the task Olger is experienced in everything we’ve requested in relocating here from the States.

From translation when purchasing furniture, banking, small indigenous markets, to traveling to the coast, Olger knows everything about living here, and how to make things happen, without being taken advantage of.

Olger worked in the US for many years and his English is impeccable. He knows the importance of being punctual, reliable and takes pride in his work and service.

He knows how Gringos think and what Gringos expect, and he understands the need for attention to details.

Doug & Susan Greenlee
Relocating from Minnesota

Olger Avila
WhatsApp – 098 431 5433

Address: Olger Avila WhatsApp – 098 431 5433

Contact information: Olger Avila WhatsApp – 098 431 5433

Recommended by Doug Greenlee:

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