Recommendation for Olger Avila, driver and tour guide

I would like to offer a recommendation for a driver with whom we recently had a very good experience. The driver we usually use these days was not available for our trip so we received multiple trusted recommendations for Olger.

Olger drove us to GYE and back and was very punctual and professional. He understood and shared our concerns about the style of driving that made us most comfortable – slow and smooth and safe. My son gets car sick very easily and I get a lot of anxiety about drivers who try to pass or tailgate or just drive fast over the Cajas. I felt perfectly at ease in his car. He has a nice, clean SUV with a very spacious back seat and lots of storage space for baggage.

Olger also seems to know or be related in some way to half of the people in the country and I would consider him a good resource to ask about nearly everything. He is pleasant to converse with in English or in Spanish as he is perfectly fluent in both and we really enjoyed meeting him – a very nice guy. I would absolutely consider using him as a tour guide for long trips around the country, something he has a lot of experience with – he does all the planning and, of course, the driving.

Olger also can do carpentry and other handyman jobs though I will only be able to vouch for his driving skills at the moment. He’s very responsive on WhatsApp.

Definitely call him if you need a ride somewhere.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: +593 98 431 5433

Recommended by Teresa Hardy:
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