Recommendation for Nilson Rea – Carpenter- (Murphy bed)

We wanted to have a Murphy bed constructed for our guest room. I found a recommendation here on GringoPost for Nilson who had made Murphy beds for others. It was important to me to find a carpenter who was familiar with the concept of a Murphy bed. The original plan was to order a Murphy bed hardware kit on our planned trip to the States, but that was thwarted by Covid-19 and our trip was cancelled. After returning to yellow status in Cuenca we still did not want to travel, so I reached out again to Nilson to see if he knew a metal worker who could make the desired pivot point plates and provided him with the online instructions and photos from the kit, along with photo samples of bed design ideas. Nilson responded that he did in fact have a relationship with someone who could make the pivot points, so we decided that we would go ahead with the making of the bed without the kit. Yes, the kit contained hydraulic pistons which would make the raising and lowering of the bed easier, but we would only be using it infrequently for guests and decided that it could be managed manually.

Nilson was very responsive and patient with me as we communicated via email to determine exactly what I wanted, which also included a larger/thicker mattress than most Murphy beds hold. I welcomed his input and design advice. He even provided a 3D computer model of what it would look like at completion. The finished bed is of the best quality and the attention to detail is very impressive. The metal pivot points look as if they were perfectly machined and even contain the clips so that the metal does not grind together. All was completed in the given time frame and during the install he insured to protect the floor so as not to damage/scratch it and cleaned up when finished.

Nilson is a true professional (perfect English) and I highly recommend him. In fact, we have already hired him for another project.


Contact information:

Recommended by Tammy Lowe: 098 888 5937

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