Recommendation for Monica Gonzaga, visa facilitator

Monica has done a beyond excellent work helping me with both my visas. First my temporary visa two years ago, and just recently with my permanent visa. Both times I’d be lost without her, as Ecuador (both times!) within a few weeks before my appointments changed their visa laws. Completely unforeseeable.

The first time I didn’t have Monica’s help until months later, and it wasn’t until I got in touch with her, we could sort things out. So that within what should have been my legal rights I could apply for another kind of visa (professional).

It has been very stressful at times, but thanks to Monica everything worked out well. Could not recommend her more. She’s apt, has contacts, care about her clients, and do everything in her (legal) power to help and find solutions. Hope you get in touch with her if you have any questions or need any help with your visa.

Sincerely, Julia W

Address: Gran Colombia y Miguel Velez

Contact information:

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