Recommendation for María Acosta Urigüen

Legal consultant, Medical consultant, Runner, Fixer

Maria is a Godsend,

I had been taking care of my mother for the 4 years here in Cuenca before she passed away about 6 months ago. You have no idea how difficult it is for my family and me considering she did not have a will, and I’m in probate court with my sister.

Anyway, without Maria to help me get through the maze documents, affidavits, notaries. etc. plus everything I had to do just to get her body back, but then the paperwork for insurance, just to be told that she had a pre-existing condition, as well a battle with my own personal health, which has been falling apart at the same time.

Anyway, without Maria, who’s smart as a whip, intellectual, and connected to folks that can make things run a lot smoother and cheaper, I could not have done all this. Her English is excellent, she knows everything about the Visa/Medical questions you may have. She is a professor at University of Azuay, is studying to get her PhD, is married to a well-respected attorney, which has been convenient. She has a beautiful family, and is a wonderful mom and person.

And her prices are transparent and fair. I offer her a five (5) star review and recommendation for the work. Hire her back in a heartbeat.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 099 826 6889

Recommended by Michael G.:
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