Recommendation for Liliana Ramirez – skin treatments, massages, etc.

Hi all, Since arriving to Cuenca in 2018 I’ve always appreciated finding good recommendations here on GringoPost. So, I wanted to take the time to give a recommendation to someone who has helped me tremendously since I moved here. Hopefully she can help you too. I struggled with a lot of skin problems and Liliana Ramírez saved my skin. She’s helped me with deep facial cleanings, scar treatments, dermapen sessions, and also with eyelash lifting.

Those are only a few of the treatments that Liliana offers. She also offers:

– Rejuvenating facials
– Fat reducing massages
– Tattoo removal
– Acne treatments
– Relaxing massages
– Brow lamination and threading
– Waxing
– Hair loss treatments
– Body contouring
– Laser treatments

Liliana has a very nice location on Remigio Tamariz and is accepting new clients. I hope this post motivates others to go see her and benefit from the services.
Her number is 096 294 4841or +593 96 294 4841 for US phone users. You can contact her on WhatsApp.

Address: Remigio Crespo Toral 4-21 and Remigio Romero

Contact information: 096 294 4841

Recommended by Christy Penrod:
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