Recommendation for Leonardo Duran Tech Guy, IT related computers, internet, printers, etc.

I began having connectivity problems with my ISP, PuntoNet. This was after months of solid performance. I called Leonardo, as he had set up my system before. (1) In a matter of hours he was at my door. (2) He had diagnosed the problem in minutes. (3) He was on the phone to his contacts at PuntoNet, checking things on their end and exploring options for me. He is well connected in the IT community and knows who to talk to to get things resolved. The resolution: Newer modem scheduled to be installed that will almost double the speed for about the same price. I was told back in my day my skills were not told, but sold. Leonardo’s pricing is reasonable considering the promptness and quality he provides. Leonardo is the real deal. Pease do not hesitate to call him for all things IT.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 352 2685 WhatsApp

Recommended by Alexander Wojcik:
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