Recommendation for Leonardo Duran, computer/phone tech

Technology stresses me out. I have no talent or interest in it, but opting out is no longer a viable option.

Plan B is a good Tech. I’ve endured many techs since sending my first email in 1999. Some of them were good. Even so they seemed to wing it, which elevated my blood pressure. I’ve been charged $100 per hour while my smiling tech was on hold with tech-support for an hour (in the US).

Fast forward— last week, right on time, Leonardo Duran steps into my abode with a smile and contagious energy. He went straight to work on my long list of issues. He already knew exactly what to do! Joy dispelled my stress! Within 30 minutes he had diagnosed and remedied all my printer problems and a dozen other things on my list. He also taught me a few tricks and shortcuts — empowering me.

Being almost deaf, I asked if he knew how to get captions on my phone. He said it was impossible— but a few minutes later he proved himself wrong! I didn’t have a chance to get stressed. I suddenly had a free additional US phone number with captions! It is working wonderfully. However, you have to be deaf or hearing impaired to qualify for this service.

Even with the phone streaming into my hearing aids, it is mostly impossible to resolve things with a phone if texting is not an option. Thanks to captions, I am getting those stressful calls taken care of.

He also showed me ways to improve comprehension in other listening situations with additional settings on my phone.

Oh, and Leonardo has spent years in the US and his English is perfect and his fees are very reasonable.

I’ve written reviews before, but Leonardo has earned a praise report!

Sissel W Robertson

Address: Leonardo makes house calls

Contact information: 098 352 2685

Recommended by Sissel Robertson: 099 975 9924
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