Recommendation for La Guarida, restaurant

Andrés Zambrano has done a fantastic job of making La Guarida one of the best places in Cuenca to eat as well as having his restaurant being a museum for the famous ceramicist, Eduardo Segovia.

Located on the very western edge of Cuenca’s historic district, and next to a Tranvía stop, La Guarida is a great place to enjoy a meal with good friends. The whole building has been renovated and upgraded for an excellent dining experience. The beauty of this historic building has been lovingly restored to its original grandeur. Throughout the building are numerous works of Segovia. My photos don’t do justice to this talented artist’s works.

Omar was the waiter for my wife and two good friends. The gentleman speaks excellent English. His service is excellent as he was on top of all of our needs.
Andrés has taken over the cooking at La Guarida, and the man has great talents. He only uses fresh ingredients, and it all comes out as very tasty meals. His presentation of his entrées is artwork. Maybe he learned that from Maestro Segovia…

The breakfasts at La Guarida have to be the best in town, and they are very affordable for what you get. My wife had Lomo Fino with potatoes and fresh grape tomatoes. Every bit was cooked to perfection. I had a smoked salmon omelette with goat cheese. Wow! I will certainly be getting that the next time we have breakfast here.

This is more than a restaurant as La Guarida has art exhibits, live music, and many first-run movies. In the past, indigenous women sold their organic vegetables at the restaurant as Andrés is a great supporter of the community. There is something for everyone at La Guarida.

La Guarida is one of the most attractive and charming places in all of Cuenca to have a great meal. Seriously… When you are in Cuenca, do not miss this restaurant. Because of all of the great things here, there is no doubt that La Guarida is at the top of our list for return visits.

Review written by Stephen Vargha.

Address: Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta

Contact information:

Recommended by Omar U: 07 282 4161
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