Recommendation for La Guarida, Restaurant – delivery

I had a delicious dinner last night from La Guarida, a white fish from the Amazon affectionately called the Amazonia sea bass. It came with their mashed potatoes which I think may be the best I have had. There was a variety of perfectly cooked mixed vegetables.
I also ordered their vegetarian omelet to eat in the today. It comes with their toast which I like a lot. If you order this ask for jam to go with it as the jam is unique and very flavorful.

Together both orders were $22 dollars including tax and a $3 tip for delivery.

I like my cooking but it was a great treat to have a meal prepared by someone else after a week, particularly fish at which I’m not adept.

I love Andres and La Guarida. They are community builders and connectors in Cuenca. I’m very grateful that they are doing food deliveries during this time as I’m one of those over 65 who is not supposed to go out.

Address: Calle Mariscal Lamar 22.23, Cuenca

Contact information: Calle Mariscal Lamar 22.23, Cuenca (07) 282 4161

Recommended by Jane Stallman:

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