Recommendation for Jesús Arellano, Pallet Forniture

Jesús is my guy for specialty furniture. A year ago I WhatsApped him, looking for a bistro height yet small table. He had one in stock and delivered within 2 hours. This year’s dilemma was my puppy was pulling down the PuntoNet fiber optic modem and router from a nightstand I bought at Kywi. I needed to both hide the 2 coils of wires and box of the installation that are puppy chew toys and also elevate the equipment to get a strong signal through the house. We collaborated via WhatsApp. He sent me pictures of what he could build. I chose this piece that was both functional and funky, showcasing mementos of my childhood and of Ecuador. He built it and delivered in 10 days. This piece probably could be wired for spots too!.

Picture gallery on Instagram @paletforniture

Address: Miguel Heredia, Cuenca

Contact information:

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