Recommendation for Javier Vanegas, facilitator and translator

I requested Javi Vanegas’ services to facilitate ending my WIFI contract with Etapa. The WIFI was known to not work in my neighborhood in Cochapamba above El Valle. If I had asked neighbors, I would have been told that. Javi prepared my justifiable case by showing me which Etapa office worked with these problems, and we were able to produce evidence that technicians had been out to my house three times and could not stabilize their wifi.

This week Javi helped me with the representative from “ServiCable” and set up the meeting with the agent. Javi worked as translator for me in both cases. Javi will help teaching Spanish too. He is knowledgeable in different areas. Call him or send an email to talk with him. He is fair minded in business, and helpful with elders who need advice and assistance

Address: El Centro

Contact information: +593 9 8954 was 6281

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny: WhatsApp 510 717 9375

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