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I advertised on GringoPost for advice last week because my wife has a 3 yo relative that has spina bifida and hydrocephalus. She has a deformed foot so can’t walk unaided. She has been pushing a small plastic stool around but still smiling constantly.

I was hoping to find where to buy an adjustable walking frame or if someone knew who could make one for me.

Within a couple of hours I had two people from HKIE contact me separately (Mary Freeman and Jennifer Cory). For the last week they have been making extreme efforts to source something and I am pleased to say it should be arriving tomorrow. The family are very excited as they certainly didn’t have the money to get it. HKIE bought a different wheelchair for a disabled girl on the same day. They are very active.

If you ever wonder if your HKIE donation is well spent, I can guarantee you that it is. I will be donating today to HKIE and hope they are supported forever.

Click here to donate and help another child have a magical day:


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