Recommendation for highly recommend Cuban cravings

Delicious freshly cooked Cuban takeout food

Be patient, we are still trying to find the very best ingredients for a Cuban sandwich. Any day now.

For Friday, Chef Ori Oujol, is offering:

Fricasé de res con papas-braised beef with potatoes accompanied by white rice and tachinos which are fried plantain chips. $8.

Potaje de garbanzos-chickpea stew with pork. $6.

If you’d like to see photos, go to our Facebook page. Here is the link: You can order there if you’d like. Remember to leave us your name, address with cross street, and your telephone number.

The other way to order is to text us via WhatsApp. Here’s how you do it. First put Cuban Cravings in your smart phone. Then download WhatsApp. Once you have it on your phone search for Cuban Cravings and it should come up. Then text. Remember to give us the info necessary to deliver your food.

Again, this menu is for food to be delivered Friday, the 10th of April. Please order by 10 AM for delivery between noon-1 PM. 

Ori Pujol: 09 632 8937

Address: Puerto Rico y Latinoamericano.

Recommended by Harper Spino:

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