Recommendation for Dra Valentina Martinez, general dentistry

While I am out of the country for the next two years doing a Master degree in Occlusion and Oral Rehabilitation at the University of Barcelona in Spain, I highly recommend my colleague Dra Valentina Martinez. She will be happy to see you at her office.

She specializes in periodontal treatments and surgery, and general dentistry as well. Dra Valentina has been part of my teamwork during the last two years and I can say her work is excellent. If you decide to use her services, please advise her you are one of my patients so she can keep the records for me once I return.

The contact for Dra Valentina is 099 590 0289.

If you need anything I will be answering email so feel free to contact me.

Wish you all an excellent year 2020, and hope to see you in two years.

Address: Franscico Moscoso 5-30 y Ave. Diez de Agosto, 1st floor

Recommended by Od. Cristina Tosi:

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