Recommendation for Dr. Nataly Pesantez, veterinarian

If you want the perfect vet for your fur-babies; someone who is very, very knowledgeable, you have to call Nataly. She is exceptional! Nataly will go to your home, bring meds and make your baby all better. If you are traveling, she will board and groom your animals. Nataly speaks English and is very responsive.

Nataly has a heck of an educational background. She was going to be a doctor (like many in her family) and went through 5 years of med school. During her residency, she decided she would rather be a vet and started all over again! Another 5 years of vet school. Trust me, she knows her stuff. You will love her. We do. With 4 dogs, she is at our home often.

Address: 098 310 8989

Contact information: 098 310 8989 phone and WhatsApp

Recommended by Susan Moore:
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