Recommendation for Dr. Juan Pablo Cordero, visas and other legal matters

Wow, that was easy. We are people that like to be ready, everything in place on the established start date. That is what we did with Dr. Juan Pablo Cordero Ch. of Legalex. All of our paperwork (pictures, fingerprints, criminal record search (we don’t have one yet!) power of attorney and bank statements were in Dr. Cordero’s capable hands well before our appointment date.

Permanent visa appointment day: nice drive to Azogues with Dr. Cordero and Daniela Cordero (his sister) who translates for him. Many of you know Daniela from Millenium Brokers, VUMI, and BMI Insurance. We enjoyed coffee and a pastry while Dr. Cordero paid fees and took care of the legalities. Then off to lunch, home and printed out the Permanent Visa’s later that day. What a smooth, seamless process. We highly recommend Dr. Juan Cordero, Ch. to you for your Visa and other legal matters.

Address: Dr. Juan Pablo Cordero Ch. , Avenida Jose Prealta, Edificio Amancay, 2 do. Piso – Office #9

Contact information: 099 520 6384 Daniela Cordero

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