Recommendation for Dr. Isabel Bueno Bailon, dentist

I had an emergency dental problem. A large filling from a molar broke away and I had pain whenever anything touched it. I texted Dr Bueno and very shortly received an answer back that she would see me. It turned out that I needed a root canal as there was infection. The office itself is ultra modern and is impressively sterile. Dr Bueno texted a protocol for the visit to include where to sit until called to maintain distance, and of course to wear a mask until she asked me to remove it. There were a total of three appointments, all excellent. Dr. Bueno speaks English well and is very empathetic. My sense is that I received high quality dentistry.

Address: Noudent Esthetic, Suite 301, The Work Center, Paurcamba y M. Cordero

Contact information:  098 349 0015

Recommended by Stanton Felton: 099 863 9786

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