Recommendation for Dr. Grace Ordonez, dentist

Thanks to Dr. Grace I have my dream smile again. Dr. Grace has been my dentist since I moved to Cuenca three years ago. She and her staff have always been very professional, and friendly at the same time. My favorite story about Dr. Grace is about getting my two upper and two lower “front” teeth replaced. My teeth were extremely stained from years of abuse and I couldn’t stand the way they looked. I never smiled without feeling self-conscience. Dr. Grace replaced all four teeth with beautiful, translucent teeth that look perfect. Here’s the best part, she did the entire procedure without me feeling any pain or discomfort. And no anesthetic was ever needed! I can smile again. I highly recommend Dr. Grace for all of your dental needs.

Address: Edificio Work Center, Miguel Cordero y Av. Paucarbamba

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Recommended by David Leverett:
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