Recommendation for David Jackson, technical support

I was in need of a VPN and there are so many out there that I reached out to My Cuenca Nerd … aka David Jackson, for some help. I told him my needs and he listened. I wanted something easy and efficient mostly for US TV. He suggested a very new device called Stream Locator.

Today he set it up in my house and it does exactly what I hoped it would do. Simple enough to use and provides me with all I need. If you are like me and not tech savvy, David is the person to help you. Also he will be an official distributer in Cuenca of these devices. It costs $84 a year for the service and the device is included. The quality is exceptional.

Any questions ask David or you can Google Stream Locator. I think you will find it a different type of VPN.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 665 5450

Recommended by Lorraine Askam: 098 700 4977
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