Recommendation for Daniela Cordero, health insurance

I would highly recommend Daniela Cordero with BMI Health Insurance if you are looking for inexpensive, but quantity health insurance here in Ecuador. For example, this past Feb. 2021 I started feeling tremendous pain in the lower part of my back that wouldn’t go away. I live in the small town of Las Tunas on the coast. After a few days of strong pain killers from the clinic in Puerto Lopez that didn’t help,

I called Daniela. She recommended one of the best hospitals in Guayaquil, Omni Hospital. She handled just about everything from check-in to checkout. I was in the hospital for 10 days (morphine drip, antibiotic drip, misc drugs, MRI, Cat scan, etc. large private room, 3 meals/day). BMI picked up the majority of the cost. My out-of-pocket: $1800. Great person to work with and for me quality company.

Address: Edicificio Office Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 099 520 6384

Recommended by Mark Johnson:
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