Recommendation for Dalila Belén Camposano Alvarez

hair, nails, facials, wax, massage

In 2014 we were introduced to Dalilia shortly after she completed school and training in her craft through the beauty shop we were already using. She quickly became our favorite for both my wife and myself.

When she left the shop and ventured off on her own, she would come to the house and cut both my hair and my wife’s hair, give us pedicures and my wife manicure and massages. She brought all the equipment necessary to our house.

I have neuropathy in my feet so she would do pedicures on me then perform a Reflexology massage of my feet and legs. My feet have never felt that good and I really miss her. 

Here are some of the services she offers:

• Hair – Cut, color, style
• Nails – Manicure & pedicure
• Beauty – Facials, wax, etc.
• Barbering & Salon
• Massage Therapy

Address: Your home

Contact information: 096 831 3061 English 093 913 7909 Spanish

Recommended by Dave Buckingham:

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