Recommendation for Cristina Flores Ortiz, Spanish teacher

Cristina has reinvented Spanish instruction. Instead of toiling over grammar texts in a classroom, you visit fun and interesting places here in Cuenca. With the city for a classroom, you have a context for every lesson. Museums, artesan and artist workshops, galleries, historic buildings, parks and plazas, cafes and restaurants, parades, fairs and celebrations all are learning opportunities. So are musical events, songs and movies. Learn by doing, and discover another, deeper layer of the city you are here to enjoy. For over a year Cristina has been opening the door for me to the city, its culture and its people. It takes work to learn a language, but with Walking Spanish Lessons you don’t have to wait to enjoy the experience – it’s a pleasure every day.

Address: Remigio Romero 5-55 y Remigio Tamariz (Edificio Amazonas)

Contact information: 099 153 8363

Recommended by Paul Anthony: 247 7287

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