Recommendation for Cristian Cordero, locksmith

My husband and I hired Cristian Cordero twice in one week both to reposition the strike plate of our bedroom door and to unlock our front door.

Our cat was able to push open our bedroom door with her front paws. Whenever we closed the bedroom door, she would open the door until we put a large clothes hamper against the door. Cristian came to our apartment to see what the problem might be. He discovered that the lock would not fit securely into the hole in the strike plate. He repositioned the strike plate and carved out a larger hole for the lock. The door closes securely now.

Later in that same week, we had to ask him to come back. This time, it was an emergency. I had locked the front to our apartment to go grocery shopping. When I returned, I could not unlock the front door. I came to find out that my husband who was home, could not unlock the door from inside with his key which was in the lock. He was locked in, and I was locked out. So, we called Cristian again. Cristian came quickly. He had to climb in the window. Once he got inside, he managed to remove my husband’s key from the lock. He then climbed out the window to unlock the front door from the outside. We were now home free, thankfully. He cautioned us about putting both keys into the lock simultaneously.

I highly recommend Cristian Cordero as a locksmith. His expertise has solved two problems for us, one minor and one major He understands lock mechanisms which are puzzles in themselves.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 472 8218

Recommended by Linda Smith:
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