Recommendation for Alejandro Camb Ramos, organic vegetable producer

Some time ago I was looking for fresh dill to make borscht. I couldn’t find any. At least it wasn’t available consistently.

Then a friend of a friend gave me some plants and seeds, and I gave them to my organic vegetable supplier. Alejandro Cambi Ramos. He is a member of the APA Azuay Organic Food Cooperative.

He nurtured and grew them, and is now harvesting the dill. Alejandro is at the Mercado 12 de Abril Wednesday and Thursday mornings, upstairs at the right/front corner of the building as you face it.

A number of you asked me to let you know if I ever found dill. Now I’m letting you know.

Support a local organic vegetable producer and get your fresh dill.

Address: Mercado 12 de Abril, Av. Guapondeleg y General Eloy Alfaro

Contact information: 098 293 9792

Recommended by David Coote:

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