Recommendation for Adrian Gustavo

Airport transfers, tour service, handyman, builder

Adrian built a walking path in my small front garden in front of my condominium in Cochapamba. He laid big red bricks in record time, evenly and very walkable.

Adrian is a trusted cab driver. He is on time for appointments; often facilitating an appointment for people. Airport transport. He has excellent knowledge of the country for tours. I have used all his services at different times. He facilitates doctor appointments. shopping, knowing from experience which stores have what is needed. Adrian replaced a part for my standard gas heater which quit on me after one year. He fixed the heater where others told me there were no parts available. Adrian is now crafting and building attractive wood furniture.

Kudos to the Ecuadorian culture where perseverance and hard work characterizes progress through learning, self-training and doing.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 317 4172

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny:
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