Recommendation for Abogada Beverly Vázquez, attorney

A couple of weeks ago, I was coming back to my house at about 1 PM and had a very unfortunate event: a young guy on a motorcycle ran into my car while driving, leaving the back left side of my car very damaged and he wound up becoming unconscious for a few minutes…. A car accident like the one I experienced is not easy to handle, and I discovered that in Ecuador it can be very ugly and complex!

The traffic police arrived and everything was a complete chaos, ignorant and uncooperative people started crowding the scene, and only annoying and hindering the work of the authority…
Immediately after what happened, I called my lawyer, Beverly, who went to the same place of the events. I was very nervous with everything that had happened and could hardly even defend myself, since even the tránsito police had turned against me by making an incorrect and unprofessional police report, which was against the true facts and harming me in every way, when the absolute fault was the motorized guy…

The lawyer immediately went hands-on on my case and was with me and behind all the procedures and paperwork that was needed until late at night, making sure everything was correct with Police, Insurance, etc., until she resolved everything. The Ecuadorian justice is the most deficient I have seen and In these cases as well as a traffic accident, there are things that one is not prepared or know how to react to these circumstances. Luckily for me, my Abogada, Beverly, was with me that day as well as the next Day that I had to appear for mediation to reach an agreement with the other party and that was when we realized that the police report was wrongly elaborated, since the traffic agent had written down wrong information, and again, Thanks to the professional intervention of Beverly, that was also corrected and solved, where we even received a well-deserved apology from the agency traffic CEO for it…and more I recommend the help of the super professional Beverly Vazquez, Lawyer in your area. it saved me from paying a lot of money and even being detained. If you drive a car, do not hesitate to have her information at hand. It will always be very necessary in case of an accident or any traffic inconvenience such as tickets, fines for bad parking, speeding tickets, etc.

Have her contact info handy. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Also my other recommendation is, if you are going to drive in Ecuador make sure you have good car insurance that is responsible in case of an accident like the one I had.
If you need more information contact my lawyer,

Dra. Beverly Vazquez
097 920 2143

Address: Nicanor Aguilar entre Luis Moreno Mora y Roberto Crespo Toral

Recommended by Monica Gonzaga:

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