Raising money to buy food for starving people in Ricaute

Some of us have been helping to feed 14 of the poorest families in Ricaute. We buy the cheapest rice and beans available, in bulk, and take it to them. A few months ago we raised $400 and gave them food, but they need more. Ricaute is not a big city, so these people can’t go out on the streets and sell items or beg like in Cuenca…or not as successfully, at least.

I have included some photos of people receiving their food.

Thank you for all who helped last time, and the people want to thank you.

Please donate what you can to my paypal at Or if you have food (nonperishable) you can give to Soledad at La Yunta restaurant while dining there.
My paypal is and I am Susan Schenck.

Susan Schenck: .

City: Cuenca

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