Raffle spectacular

Tons of great prizes in this raffle to benefit Rescate Animal Cuenca. Many animals have been abandoned due to Covid and recent flooding. Join the excitement of winning some great prizes for your $2 a ticket donation. Prizes to be chosen August 27, FB live at 9am, but I can meet you to deliver prizes to a central location. Doesn’t get easier than this!

To facilitate your purchase/pickup of these raffle tickets, I will circulate around the city over the next 4 weeks to bring the tickets to a local restaurant near you.

This Thursday, June 3rd I will be at Bistro Yaku, Luis Cordero 5-66. Easy to get to from anywhere downtown. I will wait for you 9 -12. You can also enjoy the fantastic breakfast or lunch when you come.

Open photos for list of raffle gifts.

See you there,

Kimberly Curls: curlskim@hotmail.com .

City: Cuenca

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