Put your old phone or computer to good use – Fundación Núr

Fundación Núr is continuing their support efforts virtually and needs your help.

-We need study aids to equip children and adults: phones, tablets, computers. New or used, even broken computers that we can repair, or use as spare parts, as we have been doing for a year.

-The families we support have only one device, old, low capacity, and ruined by a year of intensive use. One device for four or five people. It is the only means by which their children receive education, by which the parents communicate, by which the whole family receives support. Others don’t have one and are becoming isolated and without possibilities. Children without school. Parents without education.

-We know that the pandemic is heading for a very strong resurgence in Cuenca. Fundación NÚR is already taking greater physical distancing measures to avoid being a source of contagion among the many families who come in search of help, food and clothing, but we are also strengthening the training of children and adults, psychological support, and entrepreneurship workshops. All of this will only be done remotely. And to sustain and expand it we need your support.

-To donate equipment write to coordinate delivery to:
Email: coordinacion@fundnur.org
WhatsApp: 099 695 5701

You can also collaborate for repair or purchase by depositing in:
Savings account Fundación Núr cooperativa JEP 406119384202 RUC:0190480984001
PAYPAL: help@fundnur.org
Thank you very much.

Antonio Farfán 2-17 y, Cuenca, Ecuador

Nela Navarrine: coordinacion@fundnur.org 099 695 5701. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

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