Problems with your reimbursements at Confiamed; contact us

In recent weeks BlueBox has received several complaints from customers of other brokers for lack of payments from the company Confiamed. We have reviewed each case and in several of them the inconvenience has not been the company but the advisor of each client who has not entered the relevant documentation to the company or has let the cases become untimely, Please do not let this happen to you next. I leave a list of the documents you need to process your refunds:

Confiamed reimbursement application
medical certificate with your diagnosis and time of diagnosis
original bills in your name
test orders and test results

This documentation must be presented when you had a medical appointment only, but if you had an emergency you must present these documents: sheet 008, medical history if you needed to be hospitalized and your original invoices in your name.

If you had surgery you will need: Confiamed reimbursement request, medical certificate (with your diagnosis, time of diagnosis, reason for surgery), medical history of your surgery, original bills in your name, test orders and results, prescriptions.

The company once you present your documents will give you an answer in a maximum of 5 days, if you need more documents like a medical record they will let you know through a document called “devolución”, remember that in Ecuador you only have 90 days to present your documents, if your admission was successful the company after sending you your liquidation will take 24 hrs. to transfer this money to your account, you need a bank account in Ecuador.

Please do not let a bad service from your broker make you lose confidence in prepaid medical companies in Ecuador.

If you have these problems and you are not a client please visit us and we will help you at no cost.

Av Ordoñez Lasso 555 y Los Cedros Edif Monte Carlo

Carlos Ramirez
098 246 5168
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