Presenting private yoga classes in your own home

These family friendly classes can be enjoyed by people of all ages and all fitness levels. You can enjoy yoga classes in your own home presented by me. All you need is a yoga mat and open space.

Bilingual instructor is fluent in English and Spanish.

My experience: I have been a yoga instructor for six years:


2015 Yoga and Biomechanics, 200 hours
2019 Airyoga, 100 hours
2019 Advanced Core strenght Vinyasa, 150 hours
2020: Yoga Instructor course India, SVYASA University, 300 hours


2016 Yoga Vinyasa 10 hours
2018 Yoga therapy, 50 hours
2019 Aerial yoga 16 hours
2020 Self-management of excessive tension, India

Classes in your home

Maria Augusta Balseca
099 300 8744
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