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This is Leonardo, Cuenca’s #1 gardner and landscaper. Many expats have contacted me asking about indoor plants. Some do not have outdoor space and felt they might enjoy having live plants in their homes. Others felt better having something to watch grow while they spent more time inside. Sadly, most expressed having disappointing experiences after picking up plants at Plaza de las Flores.

Either they brought pests into their home infecting their other plants or the plants withered and died because the soil was poor or their apartment didn’t have the right conditions for the plants. To have the best chance at having a rewarding stress-free experience which is the goal, a little research and some planning has to be done first.

Indoor plants are all the rage in the States right now mainly because they are stress relievers, some even have real benefits for your indoor air quality and they are proven to make us feel connected to nature. Sure you can open a window and get the same air quality result, but our cool mountain air might make that inconvenient for those if you who like it less chilly. Many of you asked so I thought I’d answer your questions here.

First let me list some eye catching, lush and green low light tolerant plants that can be found here in Cuenca. Now if you have pets, that is another consideration and another discussion and you absolutely have to do your homework.

If you know where to look, depending on the time of year creating a stress free plant oasis in your home is possible. Some of these plants will not grow fast, given low light situations so getting the right size and very healthy ones for your space is key for a good plant experience. I recommend the easy to grow, almost bullet proof, plants:

Chinese Evergreens
Parlor Palms
Dragon Plants
Rubber trees
Snake plants

If you need help, let me know, I’m here to help. We’ll get through this time together.

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