Plan your life, enjoy the peace that caution brings

Life is beautiful and you have to celebrate it. To fully enjoy each day we must organize all our personal affairs in such a way that we do not worry about what will happen tomorrow.

For example: If tomorrow I am sick a lot and I don’t speak the language very well, who is going to help me to choose the best medical care until I recover?
Who will ensure that the doctors are choosing the best medical treatment for me?
If one day I die, who will handle the legal processes such as death registration and funeral services?
What will happen to my body if I ever die?

When you plan your future you plan your present, you plan to live in peace and enjoy your life to the fullest because you have everything under control.
We help you to plan your present by making your health power of attorney, end-of-life file and will.

Florencia Astudillo

Karina Urgiles
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