Personal Emergency Button by CosasPrep

Of course, everyone knows that buying something is usually a lot less expensive than renting.
For only $29.95 a month for only 12 months, you can own your Personal Emergency button. After 12 months, you will never pay us any more for your P.E.B. With other plans, you would pay more – every month for the rest of your life. Don’t get gringo-ed with a high-priced rental. With our Personal Emergency Button:

• No contract required.
• No Deposit.
• No “set-up” fee.
• No paying $40 a month every month for the rest of your life.

The fact is, most emergencies are small, and not even medical in nature. When somebody that gets confused wanders out of their house, gets lost and pushes the big yellow emergency button, they need a friend to turn them around and take them back home. They don’t need a nurse with an oxygen tank.

When somebody forgets their phone and their keys when they wander out of their house, they have no use for an ambulance. They need a friend or neighbor with a key to let them back inside.

When a person that has difficulty expressing themselves sees a big leak in their house, they don’t need a skilled medical team. They need a friend or neighbor to call a plumber and be there when he comes.

When somebody just needs a little help, they need a friend that is going to help them for free – not a paid-for-service type of help. That is where the Personal Emergency Button from CosasPrep is appropriate.

When someone that can’t express themselves needs help, they need a spouse, friend, or neighbor to assess the situation and then call the appropriate paid-for-service firm if it is actually required. the Personal Emergency Button is there to contact the best person that can assess the situation that caused a person to press the emergency button. If the first contact isn’t reached, the P.E.B. can call the next number, and the next, until the call is actually answered.

With our Personal Emergency Button, you can call:

*Any friends, spouses, or neighbors you wish.
*Any Home Health service you wish. (No affiliation necessary.)
*Any other emergency service you wish.
*Any contacts you wish outside of Cuenca.
*With a local SIM card, any contacts outside of Ecuador.

If you are traveling, you can change the contact numbers to any contacts that are appropriate for you when you are outside of Cuenca. (Changing the contact numbers, setting the fall-down alert, setting low battery alert is really easy! We can show you how to easily do this, or we can do it for you.)

Visit one of our stores today to find out more about your easy-to-use phone with up to 8 numbers on speed dial – accessible with the simple push of the big yellow button. Store #1: Inside the Sunrise Café Calle Larga 9-40 y Benigno Malo. Store #2 Simon Bolivar y Estevez de Toral

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City: Cuenca

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