Permaculture and sustainable Living

Have you ever dreamed of living a sustainable life in harmony with nature?
Have you dreamed of producing your own food, regardless of the space you have?
Do you want to live in a house made with earth or another Bioconstruction method?
Do you want to use renewable and clean energy sources (Sun, Wind, Water)?

Maybe at some point you have felt despair because you want to achieve it and you don’t know what the first steps are or you can’t find the right guide?

I, Andrés, understand you, because I experienced the same problem. That is why I made the decision to learn and become a Permacultor, to change my life and also help other people to change theirs.

Over time, I have gained experience with urban projects and also with farms of different sizes in various parts of Ecuador (Costa, Sierra, Amazonia). From the Permaculture’s design (Report and Plans) to the implementation and start-up of the project.

Based on my experience, let me tell you that this is not for you, if:
– If you are not in search of a true life change
– If you don’t want a better life and a better planet
– If you are not interested in nature
– If you are indifferent to the damage that human beings cause to our planet
– If you are not interested in your health and change the eating habits you currently have

On the other hand, this is for you if:
– You want to make a healthier life change
– If you want to use the free spaces of your house or farm to produce your own food or as part of your personal economy
– If you want to develop an ecological and sustainable farm
– If you want to stop depending on non-renewable energies and stop paying a consumption to companies (no matter how minimal) in order to take care of our planet.

That is why I am personally trying to put into practice what Mahatma Gandhi already told us: “Be the Change you want to be in the World”

Do you want to let more time pass or do you want to act right now?

If you decide to take action, I can gladly help you.

Contact me and we can have 45 minutes of conversation and advice completely free to find the best solution for you.

To do so, you can:
1. Schedule your free conversation and advice through the following link:
2. You can also send me an email to reserve
3. Or you can send me a message by WhatsApp or telegram to the phone number reported in this message.

I’ll be waiting for you.


Andres Batres
099 328 5714
Skype: andresbatres
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