Ninos con Futuro / Children with a Future

Our foundation “Niños con Futuro”(Children with a Future), is a non-profit organization in Guayaquil, Ecuador (

Founded under the vision and leadership of Lillianne Enz de Wright, it runs the “Felipe Costa von Buchwald” school, which provides education and subsistence needs for over 480 Ecuadorian children and teenagers living in the marginal areas of the city.

In 2020, we have global pandemic and education systems around the world must protect the health of students and loved ones. So our school must now educate and attend to the needs of our students online. But since our students come from homes living in extreme poverty, they cannot access proper e learning education. Most of them will struggle to meet their basic needs without the opportunity and wellbeing offered by our school.

Our students need us. They need access to food, medical supplies and virtual learning networks. This donation campaign is a call for a helping hand for us to carry on strong in our mission, regaining the ability to educate and care for our students, so they can fulfill their goals and dreams locally, freeing themselves from the shackles of poverty. Together we can make this happen for them!

With your help we will achieve the following objectives:

– Buy laptops.
– Guarantee internet access.
– Virtual platform for distance education.
– The purchase of monthly food “kits” from the 360 ​​families in charge of the Foundation.

With your contribution, this campaign will not only cover the cost of the distance education of 480 students, but it will also guarantee the feeding of 360 families for 10 months.

Ninos con Futuro: (04) 239 3813. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Guayaquil

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