New whisper-quiet humidifier for sale

Brand-new Vech ultrasonic cool and warm mist humidifier for bedroom and babies, whisper-quiet and auto shutoff aroma essential oil diffuser – 4L large capacity air vaporizer for home office travel

I bought this machine because I wanted an essential oil diffuser. However, this is more of a humidifier, even though it takes essential oils. I filled it one time to test it. It works great. It is also very attractive, and has a small footprint so it can go anywhere: bedside, kid’s room, living room. See the specs below.

Call or email to view or purchase.

I paid $79.99 plus shipping. Will sell for $65, firm. Email for purchase and pick-up.

Vapor steam is designed for steam humidifiers that boil the water to release steam.
This is an ultrasonic humidifier, which uses a high frequency to turn the water into tiny droplets and fans it upward into the air.

This humidifier with large capacity (4L large water tank), is capable of support up to 24 hours of continuous use. Meanwhile, with up to 250ml/hr ultra-high mist output, it can cover a large room size between 430~538 sq. ft. (40-50㎡).

On the cool mist setting, it helps alleviate dryness of your throat, nose, and skin, and reduces dust and statistic electricity.

The warm mist can additionally help relieve cold symptoms and decontaminate the environment when you’re ill.

Please, remember the main rules about that: it supports the water base essential oils.

It does not require a filter and has an automatic shut-off when the water is low.
Love the machine. No noise, lightweight and 1 gallon of water lasts 2-3 days.

Mary T: .

City: Cuenca
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